Excursions are not just a “point-to-point trip and back”.
Excursions are gaining experiences that often remain in the memory for a lifetime as a beautiful life experience.
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National park Krka

With its waterfalls and their total length of 242 m, river Krka is a natural phenomenon. This is a natural and well maintained eco - system.

National park Kornati

National park Kornati is the most famous sea attraction in Croatia. Many songs have been written and many legends have been told about this natural phenomenon.

Rafting on Cetina river

Cetina is the river with lots of rapids and small waterfalls but also with very still parts.
This river is the ideal place for rafting adventure. Our proffesionals with proffesional gear (IRF standard) will gude You through this adventure.


Adrenaline experience on Zipline in untouched nature.


Enjoying nature and the sea air in a unique way, rowing at sea.

National park Plitvice

National park Plitvice is one of the most famous croatian National parks in the world.
Almost milion people visit this natural beauty every year.

Gastro Primošten

Primosten's outback has a rich cultural and gastronomic significance. On the rural household You are able to taste traditional dalmatian food as well as the famous vine called Babić.

Wine roads of Primosten

Wine roads and roads of olive oil in Primosten.
The thematic and educational trip in the outback of Primosten. We visit famous vineyard Bucavac, winery Suha Punta Ltd., winery Marinov and olive oil factory, over 50 years old. All that with a tasting of wines and olive oils of Primosten.

UNESCO cities Split & Trogir

Diokletianus palace in Split is the biggest and well maintained romanantic palace in the world.The centre of Trogir represents a unique cultural heritage and it is listed on UNESCO list of world cultural hertitage.


Sibenik is the only bigger city on the coast in Dalmatia that was founded by the Croats. Many cultures dominatied over this city and many of them left their cultural heritage in it.


Medjugorje is one of the most famous catholic sanctuary in the world. It is situated near town Citluk in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Medjugorje is visited by the milion visitors during the year.