The genesis of  Vodice is associated with the time they began to build St. Cross's Church (near the present Hotel Punta) in 1402. A Sibenik archive from that year mentions Vodice for the first time: serfs from Vodice were ordered to put aside part of their earnings for construction of Šibenik cathedral. There were only a few houses on the seaboard at the time. A fair was held here, where domestic farming and craft products were traded for those arrived on boats.
Vodice got thier name from the water-wells. There are 2 water - wells on the main square today kept as a monuments of the tradition.

Position and climate:

Vodice is the city situated on the coast , 11 km away from  Sibenik on the north. It is very well conected with the main traffic roads in the area: "Zagreb-Split" highway ( cca 20 km) and with "Adriatic road" ( 1km). Airport Zadar is 40 km away and airport Split 80 km away. The climate is ,like in whole Dalmatia, mediterenian with mild winters and hot summers.

Culture and tourism:

Vodice is known for their touristic offer and liveliness during the summers. Here You have an opportunity to visit different exspositions, galleries, cultutural events, concerts, many restaurants, caffe bars, dyscotheques. In Vodice You will never be borred.

Photogallery Vodice tourist board: